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Welcome Back Campers!

Our theme this year is “Camp Learn-A-Lot”. As the name states, we have a lot to learning and growing to achieve this year, however there is more to this theme. There are many lessons to be learned from camping. Some of the lessons I have learned from my camping/backpacking trips from Oregon’s beach to Arizona’s deserts include:

1.Being grateful. The world is an amazing place. Embrace your natural curiosity….seek answers.

2.Teamwork. Collaboration is powerful. When you need help (as we all do from time to time), ask! 

  3.Problem solving. Think outside the box. What would you do, if you forgot the tent spikes?

4.Be responsible. You impact the world around you, so make it a positive impact. 


As you can see, there are many lessons to learn from “Camp Learn-A-Lot”. The most important lesson: a large, hot, bright fire starts with a single spark. Help us create a spark that leads to a burning passion for education in your student.  



Let’s have a great year!